Hall of Fame

The purpose

The RCSA Hall of Fame was founded in 2011 with the objective to recognize past and present league members for their contributions to the success of the league. Similar to how a team requires 10 players, or more, our league requires dozens of people to create a sense of community, facilitate organization, and support the structure for a successful season. Although we recognize and appreciate the contributions of each and every league member, the Hall of Fame is reserved for those that have gone above and beyond that of the everyday member.


To be considered for induction to the Hall of Fame, nominees must:

- Be associated with the league as a player, coach/manager, umpire, or social member for a minimum of ten (10) years;

- Active service need not to be consecutive.
- Have made a significant contribution to the RCSA's development, growth, representation, and overall organization;

- Must be in good standing as either an active or retired member of the RCSA.

- Individuals may be living or deceased.

Nominations must be submitted by a current league member. The submission, which can be submitted by clicking the link below, requires a detailed description of the nominee's contributions. Include a photograph of the nominee, as names alone may not adequately identify the nominee. A photograph provides a visual reference that may jog the memory of those individuals who cast votes. The photograph becomes permanent property of the RCSA Hall of Fame. Nominations will be accepted from the start of the season through until June 30, no later than 11:59 PM Pacific.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


After qualifying nominations have been received, the Hall of Fame Chair will request current Hall of Fame members to vote. New inductees will be announced at the end of season event where the entire league can honor their contributions.

Hall of Fame Charter

RCSA Hall of Fame Members

  • Brian Robb (2024)
  • Dave Mendenhall (2024)
  • Norm McDuffee (2024)
  • Sam Kaluf (2024)
  • Trenton Browne (2024)
  • Joyce Schiltz (2024)
  • Kara Edwards (2024)
  • Sara Dryden (2024)
  • Joe Collins (2023)
  • Douglas Mendenhall (2023)
  • William "Bill" Neighbors (2023)
  • Adrian Roberts (2023)
  • Chris Sam (2023)
  • David Waite (2023)
  • Geoffrey Wright (2022)
  • Ryan Brown (2021)
  • Scott Cummins (2021)
  • Gil Estrada (2020)
  • Alex Caquias (2020)
  • Kelly Kirk (2019)
  • Robert Martinez (2019)
  • Yusef Cichy-Parker (2018)
  • Pamela Golden (2018)
  • BJ Phillips (2018)
  • Karen Wetzel (2018)
  • David Martinez (2016)
  • Maureen Duncan (2015)
  • Bridget Lahm (2015)
  • Jim Lowenstein (2015)
  • Tim Bias (2015)
  • Kelley Mlicki (2014)
  • Audrey Wilfong (2014)
  • Roy Melani (2014)
  • James Kinniburgh (2014)
  • Nancy Zimmer (2013)
  • Carl Wyllie (2013)
  • Jae Larsen (2012)
  • Dale Hillman (2012)
  • Kim Conner (2012)
  • Lloyd Perry (2012)
  • A. Scott Franklin (2011)
  • Noelle Buckley (2011)
  • Carrie Gundermann (2011)
  • Deborah Jean "Toni" Carr (2011)
  • Joseph A. Burgos (2011)
  • James C. Hernandez II (2011)

Any questions?  Please contact the Hall of Fame Committee.

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